10 Ways Digital Marketing can benefit Artists

10 Ways in which Digital Marketing can benefit Artists 

Are you an artist whose creative streak is at its peak?  

And due to the pandemic situation, you got some extra ‘me’ time to create your art, but also you are struggling a little to understand how to market yourself and sell your art? 

Learn with me today, how Digital Marketing benefits an Artist and can help you reach your audience. 

Artists are known for the creativeness they have; they are the ones who can innovate ideas and bring them to life. 

And in today’s growing Digital World and Competitive Creative World, artists can create value by actively promoting their artworks.  

Fortunately, we have Digital Marketing which has lots of benefits over the traditional way. 

Digital Marketing is super important to any line of art in this modern era.  

In the circumstances of a pandemic and changing global world, an artist needs to decide what can provide the best assistance to sell your artwork.  

“THE HOW” will overwhelm you and challenge you, but there are ways to balance it by working on one thing at a time, and breaking down small tasks that we can handle.  

Trust me, it is possible. 

Whether you are a Film Maker, a photographer, a painter, a culinary artist, a musician, or a theatre artist; Digital Marketing is the future.  

Artist’s audience and followers are ever loyal and will mirror what their idols are doing. From generating revenue to skyrocketing website traffic, here are the benefits of Digital Markets for Artists. 


Reaching out to your audience. 

The benefit of artists being able to interact and engage with their audience, followers, and fans on Digital Platforms is out of the world.  

The dialogue you can make with your audience in real-time can definitely translate into outstanding returns to your business.   

Reaching out to Audience
Reaching out to the Audience

Your digital campaigns can reach a long way, especially where there is the internet. 

Since your audience is already online, it is a great chance that your website takes your artworks to the whole worldwide market. Depending on your marketing efforts in blog writing, sharing video or image content, or some new creative works, you reach a vast global audience. 

Unlike any other industry, Art has the ability to emotionally connect, and along with that the ability to reach the audience immediately with the help of Digital Marketing Strategies, will help to get genuine connections.  


Increased Audience Loyalty 

Digital Marketing helps an Artist to make sure that you can keep your audience engaged that creates a beautiful relationship that brings back the same people along with some more to you, your story, and your art.  

You can easily connect and target your audience, and keep them engaged with your new creative ideas, which will help you win their trust. 

The more you are open about yourself and your work, the more often people will stick to your stories. Boosting the loyalty of your audience will definitely mean more sales of your services.  

Building Audience Loyalty
Making Connections

And since there is a huge increase in digital platforms, you can market yourself much more. Digital Marketing creates an influential relationship between an artist and the audience, hence more loyalty. 

Statistics say that 62% of the millennials are likely to become a loyal audience to a brand that engages them, shares a personal story, and responds to their needs.  

I feel like an Artist, I look forward to building connections. And once you put good, appealing, and engaging content consistently, the connection with the right people will build automatically. 

In these times, the whole process of Digital Marketing will help you build a loyal customer base for you. 


Easy Marketing 

Artists usually do not like to visit distant places just to market their work. And since Digital Platforms are readily available on any device that you are comfortable with, you can quickly use Digital Marketing Strategies to spread the word for your artwork to the global audience out there with no hassles or hurdles involved in using these platforms. 

Digital Marketing is easy to learn with so many Digital Marketing Courses online. Various online tools can be easily learned and are made for a great user experience. And these tools will help you perform promotions on various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

Trust me, Digital Marketing is way easier than conventional and traditional forms of marketing that artists used before the internet. (I am not denying the fact that the traditional forms are not effective, I am just stating that Digital Marketing strategies are much more effective)  


Variety of Channels Available to Explore. 

Unlike conventional marketing, digital marketing allows you to explore a wide range of platforms to market your artworks.  

Variety of Digital Platforms
Digital Platforms

Today, these platforms have enabled us to exhibit our work online. Musicians, theatre artists, culinary artists can upload their music/shows/recipes directly on YouTube.  

Painters and writers can promote their work via Instagram and Twitter.  

And with so many channels to explore, you can decide which platform helps you the best. You are now no longer dependent on expensive exhibitors, waiting to get your work published, or depending on a music label to sponsor you. 

These channels have given you transformational power as Independent Artists and Creators. 


Lower Marketing Costs 

In those conventional times, the way an Artist could promote their work, was very few, which also required a lot of effort and money.  

But, with the popularity of the Digital world and high-speed internet almost everywhere, things have changed for the better. 

As compared to traditional marketing, the costs of digital marketing for the artists are microscopic out of which many of these basic marketing steps you can take online on your own. 

For example: Open your Facebook page and start writing something purposeful and useful about what your artworks and art style are all about. Do you think these steps require you to spend much? What you need here is a Facebook account, with the right audience and an internet connection. 

And not only this, you can design a marketing campaign in the smallest of budgets. And one of the ways you can do for free is by creating content on your own website SEO friendly. You can combine these organic methods with small paid ad campaigns to boost your visibility. 


Generating More Revenue 

Investing in Digital Marketing, the artist will ultimately earn more money, it is bound to increase if you develop your personal brand and then digitally market it using different platforms.  

Generating More Revenue
Generating More Revenue

Since there are lower marketing costs, you can make correct usage of data and analytics, you can gain a better return on marketing investment.  

Digital Marketing helps you generate 2.8 times more revenue. You will be able to mint money as soon as you enter the market. 

For example Tools like email marketing can bring businesses a Return of Investment of at least 4400%, according to OptinMonster. 


More Traffic to your Website 

As an artist, your personal brand is your website, and there must be growing website traffic. With the help of Digital Marketing Strategies, you will be able to grow your website traffic organically and using paid promotions.  

Increase in Web Traffic
Increase in Web Traffic

Analyzing SEO and the paid campaigns will overall boost your website’s traffic.  

And we are not only talking about the small parts of Digital Marketing to be working here and there, we are talking about Integrated Digital Marketing which can improve the website traffic influx.  

With your audience being able to see your services and products everywhere, they are likely to click on the links to reach your website. 


Target Audience Marketing 

These days there is a massive increase in advertisements on every social media platform and the audience is becoming blind to those advertisements, hence you as an artist should know that your audience prefers more personal and customized advert.  

Digital Marketing ensures that you are reaching the right people at the right time.  

And with the help of Digital Marketing platforms, it is easier for an artist to do testing of their work. You can make minor changes to your promotions by choosing different sets of audiences and checking which works the best for you. 

For example, You are putting up an exhibition at your local place in one of the most beautiful exhibition centers. By using conventional marketing, you will be able to reach out to some random people, who like art.  

But by using Digital Marketing strategies, you will be able to reach out to the exact audience, which likes your type of art, appreciates it, and buys it. 


Personal Branding 

Digital Marketing will take your Personal Brand to another level. 

Personal Branding
Personal Branding

You will lead more. Because people know you more authentically, and they will follow you and be inspired by you. And they will get more people to follow you. 

You will win more. Because people believe in what value you provide them. You can win an argument, a negotiation, and it will keep building your confidence 

You will earn more. By having a personal brand, it is researched that one gets to earn at least 25% more than one usually does. 


Personalizing your brand 

Digital Marketing enables an Artist to personalize their brand which sets you apart from the competition. One can take a step ahead by using personalization. When a unique e-newsletter or a social post reaches your audience, they will be reaching out to you more, along with some others. 

Statistics show that personalized emails boost the transaction rate up by 6 times.  


Personalization through Digital Marketing
Personalizing your brand

You as an Artist can rely on Digital Marketing to take your creativity to a global stage, a bigger and wider audience.  

And all of this does not happen right away when you start applying Digital Marketing. 

Just as the Probability Theory states the law of large numbers, (events in small scale are not predictable while in large scale are predictable and accurate) 

Digital Marketing is a slow, consistent process that has few stages before finally, your audience has trust and faith in you. But if you are dedicated as you are in your creative world, and maintain a good online reputation, it will pay you in long run. 

Once the base is set, Digital Marketing will automatically generate leads for you and the audience will keep on flourishing along with your business. 

Now, I would recommend you to initially start learning these things to have a better idea of your audiences’ needs, and if you require some Digital Solutions and you are looking for someone to look after specific solutions for your business, you can individually hire Social Media Marketer, SEO Expert, Content Writer for your specific niche regardless of any specific industry, click here.

Digital Marketing will help you as a brand in the long run. It will help you generate awareness for your art and your story. 

I know by now you will be wondering how to start, what are strategies to follow, what are platforms you should be on.  

Digital Marketing is an essential tool for you in today’s world, and we will take it one step at a time. 

This article is to just let you know, that in this journey of yours, I am with you! 

As I told you in my previous emails and articles, and I will keep telling you this in all the emails that will reach you.

Let’s blow the minds of our audience with creative and engaging content, show them the real you, your story, your journey, and let us take them to the destination they wish to reach. 

Keep Learning. 

Keep Inspiring. 

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P.S. Please share your valuable comments in the comment section below, so that we can learn, and grow together. I hope you enjoyed reading this. 

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