Digital Studio by Kanika

My Story

Hi there,

I am Kanika Mukhija, from Mumbai.

Welcome to my Blog!

I am an artist, a traveler and a digital marketer. I belong to this creative world of people who are nothing but art themselves – who make us feel beyond our existing perspectives. 

I earlier used to work in Accenture as a Software Engineer, even though the job was monotonous and boring sometimes, I learnt a lot there. Followed by Accenture I worked in 2 travel companies, both amazing start ups gave me an opportunity to explore myself as a leader, a content creator, a digital marketer, a sales representative, a software manager, and most importantly a business women. And because of this working experience of mine, today I know that I am and will be an Entrepreneur for life.

In addition to the above mentioned, I now am a writer, speaker, and an consultant for Artists on Digital Marketing.

For me, the journey has just began and my passion of helping artists grow, will show in everything – from what I design and strategize, to what I value and believe.

Creativity is one thing that makes me happy. I believe so much in the transformative power to simplify things, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people.

If you want to ask me, why Digital Marketing for Artists?

My instant answer would be – I along with my sister and mother are artists and we never had a platform in the early stages to bring out our art to the table and reach out to the maximum people.

I jumped into learning digital marketing only to expand our business and reach out to the larger audience and because of this process of understanding what’, why’s, and how’s of digital marketing for my business, I kept on exploring it. 

Trust me, I still am.

Since our Home Decor and Art business is doing so well now, I thought of expanding horizons not only for artist in me and my family but for other artists too who are just trying to showcase and work via social media accounts.

So, this is me and my short story of how I landed here.

I am now waiting to hear yours!

Creativity and good relationships comes from collaboration. I am excited to start a visual dialogue, learn about you, and so we can make something beautiful together. 

Me and My Values

I believe that empathy, creativity and technology, together will push us forward, and that is what I am here for. 

Our success stories will  not only be based on the quality of our products and services but also on attitude, approach and the way we treat our audiences. 

“I am 100% transparent internally. My audience and clients love it. I have nothing to hide. No secrets.”

(Well, I do have secrets, but I am open to sharing them)


“I love what I do, I love creating art, I love digital marketing, and I greet new challenges with excitement every single day.



Curiosity fuels my marketing strategies and motivates me to keep learning.

I believe in learning, deep diving beyond the surface, then teaching.


What Can I Do for You?

I am here, ready to help. I will not only help you create a personal brand or create an efficient digital marketing strategy, but I also will help you execute and refine it, to consistently grow your journey, your story and your world of creativity.

Share your story!