Let Me Help You Create Your Personal Brand and Market it in the right way to Lead You Towards Growth

What I Do

I help Artists build their personal brand, help them market themselves and their services and products, along with helping them use internet to increase their value and profitability.

If you’re looking to launch your business / a new product, acquire new customers for your business or just build your personal brand, there are thousands ways in which I can help you.

Digital Marketing is my passion, whether it is SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Content marketing, you name it and I love it. I consider myself a learner in all aspects as I never wish to stop learning.
And the very simple motto of my life is to Learn, Do and Teach.

I Coach.

I Speak.

I Write.

My Story

Hi there,

I am Kanika, from Mumbai.

Welcome to my Blog!

I am an artist, a traveler and a digital marketer. I belong to this creative world of people who are nothing but art themselves – who make us feel beyond our existing perspectives. 

I earlier used to work in Accenture as a Software Engineer, even though the job was monotonous and boring sometimes, I learnt a lot there. Followed by Accenture I worked in 2 travel companies, both amazing start ups gave me an opportunity to explore myself as a leader, a content creator, a digital marketer, a sales representative, a software manager, and most importantly a business women. And because of this working experience of mine, today I know that I am and will be an Entrepreneur for life.

Personal Branding and Digital Marketing