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I am a digital marketer, and I have also been a Solo Traveler and have lead trips for 10k+ travelers. I have traveled across India and 7 other countries.

I help Independent Artists grow and market themselves in the digital world better. For many artists, they represent themselves well and show who they are, as the whole process is deeply emotional and personal, so thinking about marketing strategies seems forced. And nowadays it has become harder for new artists to find an apt audience for their work.

An unbelievable amount of content is getting uploaded on social media platforms every single day, and connecting with correct audience depends on how the work has been marketed.

Being an Independent Artist myself, I have practiced how to promote my artwork effectively to an apt audience. Online recognition these days is the key to our success in this age of digital media when your audience is exploring the art on online platforms and is being influenced by it. Attention is the new currency.

And hence I am helping Independent Artists build your own personal brand and market in such a way that the opportunities keep coming your way. I don’t want any Artist to be daunted by the word Digital Marketing.

Let’s build a community where we uplift each other up!

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