Why Marketing Shouldn’t Drive You Crazy?

I belong to this creative world of people who are nothing but art themselves – who make us feel beyond our existing perspectives. 

Today’s Video is about ourselves and marketing our art which most of the time drives people like us crazy. This video is for people who are still on the journey to the game of life.  

Don’t worry! 

You have already taken the first and many more steps in choosing your passion as your world and working towards it day and night. Listen to me out to learn and get better at marketing which will not drive you crazy anymore. 

Because no matter what happens, I am with you! 

So here are some reasons why Marketing isn’t crazy. 



  1. First things first, whether social media has a positive impact or a negative one on our lives, it will be determined by how we use it. While the addictive user design of the platform is a negative impact on us as an artist, it is because of this very reason it helps us reach masses of people. Our social media experience is ultimately determined by us and only us I.e., only if we actively manage this experience of ours and don’t let the negatives impact us. 
  2. It’s time to step up and step out. Especially in these times of pandemic, we aren’t able to go out and experiment much, but I have seen Artists are the people who have worked around this situation and turned the tables around; and have come online. The main point now is to let the world embrace and experience our art through social media platforms and be consistently sharing our creative content. The journey of marketing using tools and practices may not always be easy, but the results are absolutely worth it. We deserve to grow our business into a truly supportive, authentic expression to the world. 
  3. Marketing not only markets our products; it markets us as a creator. Isn’t that super cool? When a product is marketed it is only unique because of its creator, because it represents the journey of a creator, his inspiration, his surroundings. And when the creator markets himself/herself it creates a personalized touch between him and his audience. With new developments from YouTube, Vessel, Facebook, and so many new content publishing platforms, it has become easier to market ourselves. 
  4. Whenever an artist thinks about marketing, a huge list pops in front of us, we need to write a blog, record videos, post useful information in forums, jump between social media websites, pin things on Pinterest, make sure the blog is keyword rich, and whatnot. The reality definitely demands us to do all of this and we start feeling overwhelmed and sometimes even the anxiety kicks in. But we just start making a list of the things to do, rather than making a process. Marketing these days isn’t the old traditional way of showing things, it has become an integrated process, and once we understand that process, we will with time have the best marketing strategy in hand. 

Being an artist myself I understand this, so I started learning Digital Marketing in-depth to explore how as an artist we can manage our own Marketing, and then after the whole process is understood, experimented, and finalized, we can hire someone to do it according to us, rather than according to them. 

While I was going through the whole process, I understood the fact that Marketing isn’t crazy, and we need to follow an integrated process.  We just need to keep sharing value, positivity, a feeling of connection, and keep helping others and solving their problems, then that’s what we will get in return too.  

Marketing can be an incredibly positive force, or it can drive you crazy. It is up to us.  

In my following blogs and vlogs, I will be sharing some strategies with you so that you can start experimenting with your Marketing strategy to keep growing. 

I hope you like this vlog and blog.

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